Rules and Regulations

Without proper communication, no relationship can flourish. False assumptions tend to lead to big misunderstandings which in turn is a recipe for disaster. Initially, the best form of contacting me would be through email or my booking form on this website on the page labeled "BOOK NOW." That way we can both determine whether or not we are actually a good fit for each other. For local booking requests, I prefer that you contact me at least two hours in advance. For all out of state booking requests, I prefer that you contact me at least 72 hours in advance. Please make sure that you have read my "RATES" and "RULES AND REGULATIONS" page before sending me a booking request, so that we aren't wasting each other's time. When you call, please make sure that you are speaking proper English and be able to articulate your needs to me. If you call, speaking slang or Ebonics, I will immediately end the call and block you. Asking too many graphic questions over the phone or via email will also get you blocked. 

Certain cities may require additional fees largely due to higher hotel, airfare, and other expenses. Rates are NON NEGOTIABLE. I do not provide "quickies" or "quick visits" at all and I do not give any type of discounts for any situation at all. For example, many of my former clients that I unexpectedly disconnected from in the past who have gotten back in touch with me will sometimes ask for a discount due to a certain bond that I have with my clients and unfortunately the answer is consistently no.Any session $500 or more, whether local or long distance, must be secured in full at least 24 hours in advance prior to services rendered. There is a two hour advanced notice requirement for all local booking requests. No Black men under 40 years of age unless payment is secured in advance. Please take into consideration that when I schedule time for you that it is secured and reserved only for you therefore rescheduling at a later date would require an advanced cancellation fee that is equal to 50% of your anticipated initial service fee.